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How to Make A.I Text Sound More Human(2024 Guide)

Many people are now using A.I to create writing for work and school and this may not always be allowed by your employers or teachers. They have access to A.I content detectors like Winston AI to check if you are using A.I(Winston has a 99.98% success rate).

75% of marketer professionals are using A.I to help them with their and I have to say I am one of them as it is a great timesaver(I use KoalaWriter for blog posts)

You may be wondering how you can make your output text sound more human and less generic.

Let’s discuss ways how to make your A.I text sound more human. 

The Easy Way Humanizers(Not Good)

As many people are demanding a way to make A.I content sound more human, new “Humanizer” tools have started popping up.

Tools like StealthWriter.

StealthWriter basically rewrites your text in a way that sounds different to the A.I created by ChatGPT.

First, you need to input your A.I text.

steathwriter input

All you need to do then is click the Humanize button and you will get a new version of your text.

ChatGpt Text: The Irish War of Independence was a conflict that took place from 1919 to 1921, as part of Ireland’s struggle for independence from British rule.

StealthWriter Text: It was the Irish war of independence which was the part of the Irish fight for freedom.

I chose the first sentence as an example so you can see for yourself. As you can see the rewritten text is bad writing and doesn’t make any sense.

You are making your writing worse by using a tool like this. It also doesn’t pass A.I content detectors like Winston even after you use a Humanizer tool.

The Hard Way

The hard way and you are not going to like me for saying this, is to edit the writing yourself.

There are two ways to do this:

Editing with A.I 

You can use our old friends ChatGPTor Bard to help us edit our text.

Depending on the type of writing you want you should ask your A.I tool to edit the text so that it is more suitable for your use case.

Examples for schoolwork

  1. “Rewrite this paragraph to make it more concise and clear, focusing on the key points and removing any unnecessary details.”
  2. “Translate this technical explanation into simple language suitable for a younger audience, ensuring that complex terms are explained in an easy-to-understand manner.”
  3. “Enhance this essay introduction by adding a hook that grabs the reader’s attention, while maintaining the original theme and context.”
  4. “Convert this list of bullet points into a coherent and flowing paragraph, ensuring that the transition between each point is smooth and logical.”
  5. “Summarize this long research article into a brief overview, highlighting the main findings and conclusions without losing the essential details.”

Examples for online writing:

  1. “Optimize this blog post for SEO by incorporating relevant keywords and phrases, ensuring they are naturally integrated into the text without compromising readability.”
  2. “Revise this online article to include engaging headlines and subheadings, making it more accessible and appealing for a digital audience who often skim content.”
  3. “Transform this formal report into a casual, conversational-style blog post, suitable for a social media platform, while retaining the key information and insights.”
  4. “Adapt this lengthy technical guide into a series of concise, easy-to-follow tweets, breaking down complex information into bite-sized, shareable content.”
  5. “Enhance this product description by making it more persuasive and appealing, focusing on the benefits and unique features, and tailor it for an e-commerce audience.”

Editing yourself 

At the end of the day, editing the text yourself is going to be a lot better for making your A.I tet sound more human because you of course are human and therefore will write like a human.

Here are some things to watch out for when editing A.I content from my experience:


A.I writing tools have a habit of repeating the same text or the same idea several times. While it might be fine for a human to do it, A.I writing does this in a way that pisses people off.

Generic Phrases 

A.I  can be sound very generic and is not very good at engaging readers. The text often goes on and on and ends up boring after a certain amount of time.

A.I also doesn’t take sides and often refuses to make judgements as it has no real subjective  experience(deep I know) Some people like Coca-Cola, some people like Pepsi, how could A.I ever know which is better.

Add Humour

Humour is a great way to make your A.I text sound more human. This can be quite difficult to do after you read paragraphs of your A.I produced text. For that reason, I recommend writing some of the paragraphs yourself to get into the flow of the text.

Tell a Story

A.I is crap at telling stories, humans are great at this so use this to your advantage. Add a journey into your text and you will engage the reader much more.


While it is tempting to use “humanizer” tools, you should definitely be careful.

Most likely your text will end up worse than it started and with A.I content detectors like Winston AI getting so good you won’t bypass a.i detection anyway.

My advice is to use A.I for brainstorming and first drafts only.