article fiesta review

Article Fiesta Review – The Best A.I Writing Tool Yet?

Article Fiesta is the latest A.I writing tool to hit the market. 

In my Article Fiesta review, I will give my opinion after testing 100’s of A.I writing tools. 

My Verdict

Article Fiesta is a good A.I writing tool but doesn’t out the level of quality that KoalaWriter does. I wouldn’t recommend Article Fiesta as the price is similar to KoalaWriter( a little bit cheaper) but the quality isn’t as good. 

If you want to try Article Fiesta you can try it here(3 free articles). 

Testing Out Article Fiesta

To get a sample of Article Fiesta, all you need to do is confirm your email address and you get 2 free articles

article fiesta review testing

The 3 Modes to Generate Articles

The three modes that you can generate articles from are called:

  • New Article 
  • Custom Article
  • Bulk Articles 

The New Article Mode is available to try for free but you will need to pay for the custom article and bulk article modes.

When writing your article you can choose

  • If you want a specific title
  • The language of your content 
  • The niche of your content
  • If you want an A.I image
  • To add your Amazon associates ID
  • To auto-post to your blog
  • And more advanced settings(like external links)

When I tested out my article, it automatically generated an image with a suitable featured image which is similar to Journalist AI but it also included text in the image which is very impressive.

The intent wasn’t exactly what I was looking for and to be honest I couldn’t use this article as there was very little cohesion to the article. One sentence, it is talking about one thing, the next it was about another thing. 

One thing I found most interesting about Article Fiesta was the “personality” in the writing. Usually, A.I writing is quite bland whereas this writing was quite creative.

The formatting is quite decent too but sadly the output wasn’t good enough. It is nowhere near the quality of a tool like KoalaWriter. 

Extra Features

Article Fiesta also comes with extra features which is nice.

Let’s have a look at them

Keyword Generator

The Keyword Generator is a fantastic tool. It works similar to Keyword sheeter in that it just blasts lots of keywords at you based on Google Autosuggest.

It actually worked better than Keyword sheeter in my tests. 

article fiesta review

My advice is to use this tool and then put the results into KeywordChef to find high-volume/low-competition keywords. 

Connect a blog

Conncet a blog is a way to automatically publish to WordPress, Lots of tools(Like KoalaWriter) have this now and should be a standard for a decent A.I writing tool going forward, 

Post Scheduler

This is something I haven’t seen before. You can basically schedule your posts to be published. This is not something I would use as I try to publish as fast as possible but might be useful for somebody publishing more than 100 posts per day and doesn’t want to attract attention from Google. 

Article Fiesta Pros and Cons

Here are my Pros and Cons for Article Fiesta:


  • Easy to use 
  • Decent quality
  • Nice Keyword Tool


  • Missed Search intent from test articles
  • UX still needs some work
  • Quality is far from publishable

Article Fiesta Pricing

Article Fiesta pricing model is as follows:

Basic/5 articles per month: $19.99

Growth/15 articles per month: $39.99 

Pro/30 articles per month:$59.99

Enterprise/300 articles per month:$299.99

They also have discounts if you sign up for a yearly plan and more features available on the more expensive plans.   

Article Fiesta Alternatives

I have tested so many alternatives to Article Fiesta so I won’t bore you with a long list of A.I writing tools. In my opinion, you should stay away from the most popular tools like Jasper and Copy AI and either use KoalaWriter for quality and Cuppa if you want to produce quantity.

Let me Explain


KoalaWriter is my go-to A.I writing tool simply because it produces the best content in my opinion. If you want to check out some samples, check out my Jasper vs KoalaWriter comparison to show the difference between those tools.

KoalaWriter has all of the best features you need to publish decent blog posts quickly and you can test it out for yourself here.  


Cuppa is a similar tool to Koala but you use your own API key instead of using the one provided for your by the A.I writing tool. This is for you if you are on a budget as you can get articles published for around $0.05 per article

That’s it, Article Fiesta is worth trying to see if it suits you and you can try 3 articles for yourself here.