Journalist AI Review – The Best A.I Writing Tool?

Journalist AI is the latest A.I writing tool to hit the market. It is more of a blogging tool than a journalist tool and it is aimed at bloggers trying to get search traffic from Google

In my Journalist A.I review I will give my opinion after testing 100’s of A.I writing tools. 

My Verdict

Journalist AI is one of the best AI writing tools on the market  I would recommend Journalist A.I for people who don’t like editing much(the formatting is top-notch) and people who want to auto-publish to platforms like Shopify, WordPress, Wix and Ghost.

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Journalist A.I Features

Journalist A.I has a whole host of features some of which I haven’t seen in other AI writing tools, let’s test them out. 

The 4 Modes to Generate Articles

The four modes that you can generate articles from are called:

  • Simple Mode 
  • Titles Mode
  • Keywords Mode 
  • Advanced Mode

Simple mode seems to be more for local businesses. Titles Mode is where you just need to give a title to get your article. Keywords Mode is where you give your keywords.

I will try out Tittles Mode

journalist ai review

The blog post took some time to create and wasn’t as fast as other A.I writing tools to create articles. The first article I tried was decent except it didn’t answer the question that the title asked correctly

Probably the best thing about the article was the formatting, Headings looked good, keywords were bolded, bullet points used, and a  good featured image was created.   

Customization Features

Journalist AI allows you to customize the way you want your articles produced


Presets is something I like a lot about Journalist AI as it allows you to save all the settings you want for your article. KoalaWriter does allow you to do this but most people probably don’t know how to do this.

Here are some of the features you can change to get the article you want:

  • Whether you connect to the web as part of your research
  • The tone of voice
  • The point of view
  • The temperature so that the article is either more factual or more creative and original. 
  • Article length
  • Featured image and Videos to be included 
  • Internal and External Linking

I prefer that you can save this first and then produce your articles rather than change the settings every time like you need to do with tools like Agility Writer. 

This is because we usually tend to produce a lot of similar articles for a single site that we are using A.I for.  

Automation Features

The Automations section features some very cool tools. There is a bulk generator where you can create a large number of blogs at once. They also let you schedule them out.

Another automation is to publish your article directly to your website. Most of the top tools have this feature but Journalist AI also allows you to directly publish to Wix, Webflow, Shopify and Ghost(as opposed to usually only being able to automate to WordPress).

There is also an option to auto-index your blog posts to Google which is only available on the Ultimate Plan. I haven’t tested this out as I use Tag Parrot for this and it works really well. 

Journalist A.I Pros and Cons

Here are my Pros and Cons for Journalist A.I


  • Very nice features and automations
  • Easy to use 
  • Listening to their customers for planned features


  • Can be expensive but the quality is worth it

Journalist A.I Pricing

  • Writer Plan: $19 per month
  • AutoBlog Plan: $39 per month
  • Expert Plan: $59 per month
  • Ultimate Plan: $99 per month
  • Pay-as-you-go options are available starting at $0.80 per article.

Journalist A.I Alternatives

I have tested so many alternatives to Journalist A.I so I won’t bore you with a long list of A.I writing tools. In my opinion, you should stay away from the most popular tools like Jasper and Copy AI and either use KoalaWriter for quality or Cuppa if you want to produce quantity.

Let me Explain


KoalaWriter is my go-to A.I writing tool simply because it produces the best content in my opinion. If you want to check out some samples, check out my Jasper vs KoalaWriter comparison to show the difference between those tools.

KoalaWriter has all of the best features you need to publish decent blog posts quickly and you can test it out for yourself here.  


Cuppa is a similar tool to Koala but you use your own API key instead of using the one provided for your by the A.I writing tool. This is for you if you are on a budget as you can get articles published for around $0.05 per article

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn more about using Journalist A.I, then I suggest you check out their active YouTube channel. If you want to hire me to produce A.I content for your website, check out my services page

Try Journalist A.I here