What are KoalaMagnets? KoalaWriter’s Latest Feature

KoalaWriter has just launched Koala Magnets, a new feature that allows you to create a CustomGPT on your website and collect emails.

A KoalaMagnet is quite easy to set up, you just need to give it some instructions and create something relevant to your niche.

koala magnet setup

You can simply give it a prompt and the tool will do the rest.

Here are some example prompts:

You are a travel blogger, give travel information to the visitors on my travel website.

 You are a Spanish teacher, answer any doubts my readers might have. 

Your Koala Magnet should be created and you are now ready to add it to your website.

How to add a KoalaMagnet to your Website

If you want to add a KoalaMagnet to your website all you need to do is go to the embed tab next to your preview. Copy the code into your block editor(search for “custom HTML block” in guttenberg, elementor, your theme)

Easy as that, now you have a lead magnet on your website. When users use the widget they will be prompted to give their email address and you can collect these emails in the leads tab and export them into your email marketing provider(I use Beehiiv).