MarkCopy AI Review – Is it a Good Enterprise AI Tool?

Mark AI is a tool made for enterprise clients who need to include their brand name in every piece of content they make. The tool allows you to customize the AI 

You try out MarkCopy AI for 14 days for free here.

My Verdict

I wouldn’t recommend Mark AI as you can probably do more with Jasper AI for a lower price. 

The actual AI output is fairly poor quality(same with Jasper IMHO) and unusable in my opinion as it is generic and repetitive. This content will not rank on Google nor engage readers on social media. Here are 5,000 credits for an AI tool that creates content that ranks on Google. 

MarkCopy AI Features

One of the features that makes Mark Copy AI stand out is that it trains the AI based on your website.

Helping the AI learn about your Brand

Mark AI allows you to add lots of information about your website to help customize the AI output. This could be great if you want to include specific information in a specific blog or social media posts.

You can personalize:

  • The style of your writing
  • Your brand terms 
  • Your persona

And you can also add your own content similar to creating a GPT to improve the knowledge of the AI 

I was impressed by how Mark AI created a persona based on my website and it was quite accurate.

markcopy ai review

Text Editor

The tool also includes a text editor that allows you to scrape the text from a given page, and add more text with A.I and provide some SEO optimization, Mark AI Review


Mark AI has many templates so that you can easily create content similar to tools like Jasper and Copy AI.

These include:

  • Product Description for E-commerce
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • Short Blog Post
  • Long and Short Instagram Captions
  • Newsletter Email

The problem with these templates is that it is all about the prompt. It is quite easy for anyone to ask ChatGPT “write me a LinkedIn post about AI”  and ChatGPT will give you something decent.    

Does Mark AI offer anything above that?

I mean it does include personalization that includes your brand’s name etc but the quality of the output is not very good. 

The text is full of fluff and repetition of phrases like” leverage AI SEO to stay ahead of the curve and drive sustainable growth”.

Does this really mean anything if you repeat it 17 times over and over again?

I don’t think so.

And as for the blog posts ranking on Google, you can forget about it. It’s hard to explain how much better a tool like KoalaWriter is. 

KoalaWriter was built by a blogger and includes AI SEO Anaylsis which improves the relevancy of your article and cuts down the fluff.

 MarkCopy AI Pros and Cons


  • Free trial which allows you to test out the product before buying 
  • Good for brands who want to create branded content 
  • Allows you to add your content to train the AI


  • Expensive, like very expensive. 
  • Output isn’t as good as Copy AI or KoalaWriter 

MarkCopy A.I Pricing

Mark AI has fairly simple pricing. It costs $349 per month paid yearly so that would be $4,188 and custom pricing for enterprise clients.

Yeah, I know,


you could get 20 million words on KoalaWriter with their credit packs.

MarkCopy A.I Alternatives

I have tested so many alternatives to Mark A.I so I won’t bore you with a long list of A.I writing tools. In my opinion, you should stay away from the most popular tools like Jasper and Copy AI and either use KoalaWriter for quality or Cuppa if you want to produce quantity.

Let me explain


KoalaWriter is my go-to A.I writing tool simply because it produces the best content in my opinion. If you want to check out some samples, check out my Jasper vs KoalaWriter comparison to show the difference between those tools.

KoalaWriter has all of the best features you need to publish decent blog posts quickly and you can test it out for yourself here.  


Cuppa is a similar tool to Koala but you use your own API key instead of using the one provided for your by the A.I writing tool. This is for you if you are on a budget as you can get articles published for around $0.05 per article