13 A.I-Enhanced Tools For Video Editing Workflows(2023)

Do you hate editing videos? Do you wish to make professional-quality videos without extensive editing knowledge?

A.I editing tools have arrived!

Let’s start with A.I video generators and then move on to video editors that have A.I features

A.I Video Generators

A.I video generators basically create a whole video for you based on some input(like a script). If you want to learn how to do this, I made a short course for you which you can find here.

Let’s look at some of these tools now


Pictory is a great tool that generates videos from scripts. That means you can create a script using ChatGPT or Jasper and then turn that script into a video in a few minutes. You can watch my process here.

With Pictory you can also convert your article to a video. This is great for bloggers who want to make more money with video ads on their sites. You just need to put in some of your most popular blog posts and Pictory will convert them into a video, and you can make money with it from an ad network like Ezoic.



Synthesia is an A.I.-based video generator that uses cutting-edge algorithms to create unique and realistic videos. One advantage of Synthesia is that you can easily convert text into professional-looking talking-head films with just a few clicks.

Synthesia also supports the creation of lengthy videos of up to 30 minutes. You can choose from 60+ avatars to narrate your films, and the platform constantly adds new presenters. Synthesia is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to create videos for clients in almost any country.


Flickify is a video generation tool that is free to use for Ezoic publishers. Ezoic is an ad network that allows you to monetize your websites. You can now also turn those blog posts into videos and start earning more money with video ads or use their video hosting platform Humix.

To make a video all, you need to do is go to “Flickify” from your Ezoic Dashboard and choose the article you want to turn into a video. Then you just need to choose the voice and background images you want to use.


Steve.ai is another great video generator and is probably one of the most innovative in my opinion. The Blog to Article works better than any of the others that I have tried. I haven’t tried the text-to-video yet as I am very happy with the videos that Pictory makes.

Steve.ai is also cheaper than some other options here which makes it a good choice and they are also bringing out new tools like tweet-to-video and PowerPoint-to-Video.



Lumen5 is an A.I.-powered video generator tool that makes creating videos as simple as creating a simple slide deck. Your text input is converted into a professional video clip by the tool’s algorithms that work behind the scenes.

Lumen5 does not require any prior experience with video editing or video creation; the tool does all the hard work for you behind the scenes. They also provide a library of free video clips and stock images. The best part about using Lumen5 is the abundance of cool templates. It’s easy to select a template or design that you like and start making videos that reflect your company.


Veed.io is not just an artificial intelligence video generator, but rather a sophisticated video editing instrument that harnesses AI to simplify the entire process, empowering you to craft superior-quality videos in a few minutes.

It boasts many features, such as a library of video templates, an expansive music collection, the capacity for recording voice overs, and more.

What sets Veed.io apart is its user-friendly editing features, which include the ability to add automatic subtitles with a single click, transcribe webinars into text format, add sound waves, and much more.

Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts is a video editor that uses artificial intelligence to make animated videos from different templates. This cloud-based platform provides users with the most up-to-date tools for making professional-looking videos.

Raw Shorts has more ready-made objects, settings, and sounds than some other video-making platforms. Users can customize their videos by adding text, branding, audio, and graphic elements.


Designs.ai is a versatile design tool that excels in video editing and creation. With this A.I.-powered video editor, you can quickly and easily make professional videos that fit your needs.

They also have a text-to-video function, which allows you to paste your text, select the type of video you want, specify the language and voiceovers, and let the A.I. do the rest.

Designs.ai is also great for editing videos on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, making it a valuable tool for your video campaigns.

Video Tools with A.I Features

Let’s also see what A.I features that you can add to your videos with these new video editing tools.


Making videos is just so much easier when you use Descript. The tool automatically edits out those ems and ahs from your videos. You can also edit out the silences so when you are recording you can just take your time and not try to say everything in one take.

Then, when you come to editing, you can cut all the silent moments out in one take. This has been one of the biggest time savers for me when making videos.


Runway ML

Runway is a comprehensive video editing software for all video creators that enables users to edit videos with machine learning capabilities. One of Runway’s most features that I use the most is that they can automatically remove noise from your audio track and make it better overall. So no need to buy a super expensive microphone.

A lot of the other features are more suited to professional video editors and are a bit advanced for your average content creator.


WiseCut is another tool that uses AI to edit videos. The application has a free version and a paid version for $15 per month, and it offers features such as auto-cut silences, smart background music, AI story boarding, auto subtitles, transcription, YouTube integration, and more.

While the application is good at jump cuts and adding music, some extra video editing might still be required. AI tools like Wise Cut make the lives of content creators easier, although they may not replace human editing entirely.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a versatile and powerful video editor ideal for professional video editing. It’s packed with features that will help you quickly and easily create stunning videos, but did you know that you can make Adobe Premiere even smarter with Adobe Sensei? Adobe Sensei is a piece of A.I. technology that adds automation and A.I. capabilities to Adobe’s professional software suite. When you combine Adobe Premiere Pro and Sensei, you can create, edit videos faster, and achieve better results.


FlexClip is an A.I.-powered video editor that makes creating and editing video simple. FlexClip is perfect for making professional on-brand videos for your company or marketing campaigns. Not only are the templates simple to use and edit, but it also includes extensive text animations, making them ideal for creative marketing and explainer videos.


Wave.video is a platform for marketing videos that combines high-quality video hosting, an online video editor, and a tool for making landing pages for videos.

You can make, host, and share ad videos for social media, videos for your website and blog, and any other type of branded video content. You can resize your video to 30+ standard social media formats with Wave.video, including Instagram stories, Facebook cover square and vertical design.



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