KoalaWriter Black Friday Sale

KoalaWriter Black Friday Sale for 2023 is Live!(Save up to 45%)

The KoalaWriter Black Friday Sale is live and you can find the full details here

The sale will run for over 2 weeks from the 9th of November until Cyber Monday, the 27th of November. You can save as much as 45% on Credit packs.

What are KoalaWriter Credit Packs?

The KoalaWriter Credit Packs are when you buy a package of words that you can use for up to one year in Koalawriter. This is different from the regular subscription which resets every month.

So if you usually buy a subscription of 250,000 words on KoalaWriter you will usually be charged $99 a month and need to use those credits within one month. A Koalawriter Credit pack will cost $119 for a one-time fee and you can use those 250,000 words for up to one year. For BLACK FRIDAY, you will only have to pay $95 for that amount of Credits.

Where can you save the most amount of money?

The best saving for the Black Friday deal is the Gold Package. This one offers you a saving of 45% off the credit pack of 2,500,000 words. You could buy this pack and use it throughout the year.

The Gold Package will cost you a one-time price of $489. Buying the subscription for that many words normally costs you $750. That is some good saving! 

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Full KoalaWriter Black Friday Pricing

Here are the different packages available for KoalaWriter during the Koala AI Black Friday Sale:

  1. Basic Credit Pack:
    • 20% Off
    • Price: Normal:$119   Now:$95
    • Includes:
      • KoalaWriter: 250,000 words
      • KoalaChat: 2,500 messages
      • GPT-4, GPT-3.5, and Claude
      • Real-time factual data
      • AI-Powered SEO Optimization
      • AI images and YouTube video embedding
      • Live Amazon data for affiliate articles
      • Bulk writing mode
      • WordPress and webhook integrations
      • Google Sheets Integration
      • API Access
  2. Silver Credit Pack:
    • 20% Off
    • Price: Normal:$419  Now: $335
    • Everything in Basic
    • KoalaWriter: 1,000,000 words
    • KoalaChat: 10,000 messages
  3. Gold Credit Pack:
    • 45% Off
    • Price: Normal:$899  Now:$489
    • Everything in Basic
    • KoalaWriter: 2,500,000 words
    • KoalaChat: 15,000 messages
    • Unlock GPT-4 in KoalaChat! (coming soon)
    • Access to automatic internal linking and custom fine-tuned models (coming soon)
    • Exclusive Black Friday Sale Bonus: Access to private Discord channel and role
  4. Platinum Credit Pack:
    • 34% Off
    • Price: Normal:$1,500  Now:$978
    • Everything in Gold
    • KoalaWriter: 5,000,000 words
    • KoalaChat: 20,000 messages
  5. Diamond Credit Pack:
    • 33% Off
    • Price:  Normal:$2,200 Now:$1,470
    • Everything in Gold
    • KoalaWriter: 10,000,000 words
    • KoalaChat: 25,000 messages
  6. Expert Credit Pack:
    • 33% Off
    • Price: Normal:$3,129 Now:$2,096
    • Everything in Gold
    • KoalaWriter: 15,000,000 words
    • KoalaChat: 30,000 messages
  7. Premium Credit Pack:
    • 33% Off
    • Price: Normal:$3,969 Now:$2,659
    • Everything in Gold
    • KoalaWriter: 20,000,000 words
    • KoalaChat: 35,000 messages
  8. Advanced Credit Pack:
    • 33% Off
    • Price: Normal:$9,399 Now:$6,295
    • Everything in Gold
    • KoalaWriter: 50,000,000 words
    • KoalaChat: 40,000 messages
  9. Ultimate Credit Pack:
    • 33% Off
    • Price: Normal:$17,899 Now:$11,990
    • Everything in Gold
    • KoalaWriter: 100,000,000 words
    • KoalaChat: 50,000 messages

These packages offer various combinations of credits for KoalaWriter and KoalaChat, with different discounts and bonuses. Please note that some features, like GPT-4 in KoalaChat and automatic internal linking, are coming soon and may not be available immediately.

What about people on lifetime deals and subscriptions?

All new credits will stack on top of your current subscription so they are just added on top. They basically work separately as if you had a separate account.

If you have the lifetime deal, you will get an extra 30% bonus when you buy any credit pack during the sale.

What else is new with KoalaWriter?

If you buy the Gold Package or higher you also unlock special features. 

– Access to private Discord channel and role
– GPT-4 Turbo in KoalaChat.
– Automatic internal linking plus custom image and text fine-tuning.

GPT-4 Turbo was announced during Open AI’s dev day and it is supposed to be smarter and faster than GPT4.  When GPT-4 Turbo is added to KoalaWriter the cost will be a 2-3x word count usage increase rather than the 5x that GPT-4 requires today due to the lower costs.

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